Monday, October 8, 2012

Last Day in Calgary

Wendy had plans for us to hike again but the weather didn't cooperate.  It was raining when we woke up in the morning so we just lounged around her house a bit and then decided to head to downtown Calgary for some shopping.  A lot of the stores ended up being closed because it was a holiday :-/  But we still found plenty of places that were open and willing to take our money..hehe  We stopped for lunch at a burger place.

Then we caught a matinee movie, Looper.  I may have indulged in some popcorn and a diet coke but there is no photo evidence so there is no way to be  That night we relaxed at Wendy's house and got caught up on TV from her DVR.  I also had to pack up all of my stuff to be ready to head to the airport in the morning.  Don't worry, my banana will be safe in my backpack :)

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