Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Is it really October?

The kids had preschool today so I dropped them off and went to the 9:30 CrossFit class.  It was supposed to be another beautiful, warm day so I recruited some friends from CrossFit to go out on the boat with me.  JD had to go into his office in Palo Alto for a few days so I made sure to have a few friends come who were comfortable driving (so I didn't have to!)  Everyone had a great time wakeboarding.  Here is my friend Perry tearing it up!

I didn't actually wakeboard myself today because my knee was starting to hurt when I was out yesterday, but it was just great to get out on the lake & soak up some sun for a 2nd day in October!!  I accidentally forgot to eat between working out and then heading out on the boat so my friend let me have an apple she brought.  When I got back home I quickly heated up some leftovers, a piece of the Southwestern Frittata & steamed broccoli.

I topped it with some green salsa that I found at Raleys last week.  Its hard to find jarred salsa that doesn't have some form of added sugar in the ingredients list!

Then I did some shopping to try and get ready for my trip to Calgary!  I can't believe I fly out on Thursday.  I bought some new hiking boots because I have none & my friend has 3 day hikes planned for us while I'm there.  

 It is snowing there right now so it should be interesting!!  I also bought another pair of hiking pants that are exactly the same as the pair I have but in a different color and this time they were on sale :)  

I picked the kiddos up from preschool and asked Lucas what he wanted for dinner since Peyton got to pick last night.  He decided on Chunky Soup...Beef with Country Vegetables.  Not exactly paleo....but we had a can in the pantry so I heated it up for the kiddos & then made my own food.  I tried out a new recipe for Asian Lettuce Wraps.  I didn't have all the ingredients but followed it for the most part but added sesame seeds and then topped with shredded carrots, red onions, cilantro & mint.  They were delicious!!

My friend finally uploaded a couple pictures from Tough Mudder so here is me doing one of the obstacles (I'm in red) :)  

Since JD is out of town & the kids don't have school tomorrow, I let them stay up a little later than normal.  They were playing so nicely together & not acting super tired.  But I sat on my bed to start this blog post around 8pm and they both crawled on in, snuggled up & passed out!

I guess I should put them back in their rooms now so I can go to sleep soon myself :)

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