Thursday, October 18, 2012

Halfway through the challenge!

I saw a post today on Facebook from the Lurong Living Paleo Challenge that we made it halfway!  While I haven't lost as much weight as I would have liked, I am happy to report that I am at least sightly below the weight I was last May (my lowest weight since college).  People ask what my goal weight is and I really don't have a number in mind.  My actual goals with weight loss are CrossFit related now.  They include being able to do ring dips and muscle ups.  So once I get those I guess I will be at a good weight to strength ratio :)  I also hope to be there by the end of this I have less than a month to make it happen!!

Tuesday I went to crossfit at 9:30 to do the 3rd Performance WOD for the challenge.  It was 7 minutes of handstand pushups and deadlifts (155 lb), you started by doing 1 of each then 2 of each and so on until you ran out of time.  I got through 7 full rounds and then did 8 deadlifts and 5 handstand pushups before time was up.  It was a fun workout :)

Onto food...I feel like I'm a broken record at this point.  I haven't been very creative lately and eat a lot of leftovers but I still take pictures of all my meals so I feel like I have to put them you go!  lol  I came home after CrossFit and made a late breakfast.  I sauteed some leftover pulled pork with spinach, bell peppers & onions topped with 2 fried eggs & some guac.

Then I threw together a soup with some more leftover pork in the crockpot.  I added lots of veggies (carrots, green beans, tomatoes, celery, onions & garlic), some chicken broth & a bunch of Costco's no-salt seasoning.

I let it cook on high for 5 hours and it was pretty good (although I had to add salt & pepper at the end since I apparently forgot when I threw it together in the morning).

Wednesday I worked out at 7 am and came home to JD making chocolate chip pancakes for the kids.  The plate was his and the smoothie was mine.  I decided to indulge a bit by making a smoothie with my chocolate protein powder, a frozen banana, 2 shots of espresso and some coconut milk.

I was still hungry a couple hours later so I made some real breakfast for myself.  An egg scramble with leftover tri tip, spinach, shredded carrots, onions, bell peppers & topped with some guac.


I had a late lunch of a salad with romaine, spinach, shredded carrots, kalamata olives, tomatoes, avocado & I topped it with a can of salmon.  I used the brine from the olives as a dressing.

We took the kids to strider bike night at the bmx track again. They had a blast once again, I can't believe how brave they are on those bikes!  Afterward the kids and JD ate out at a Hamburger place but I wasn't hungry after a big late lunch. I dropped them at home and went to at yoga class at CrossFit.  When I got back rom Yoga I was a little hungry so I had some ants on a log :)  Celery, topped with almond butter & some raisins.  No picture but it was yummy!

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