Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day 17!

I had a nice relaxing day today.  The kiddos didn't have preschool so we just hung out around the house for the most part.  I got a bunch of laundry done & started packing for my trip to Calgary tomorrow.  Breakfast was a Sweet Potato Latke topped with a little Sunbutter, some sliced banana & coconut flakes.  I also had a couple fried eggs along with it.

I had a late breakfast since we were being lazy, so I ended up skipping lunch.  I took the kids to the BMX track tonight for "Strider Bike" night.  They had a blast on their little balance bikes.  Here are a few videos.

Dinner was a taco salad with seasoned ground turkey, avocado, tomato, cilantro, black olives, green taco salsa, shredded carrots and red onions over romain lettuce.

Then it was time to pack.  My friend that I am visiting in Calgary has assured me that she has most everything I need while I'm there and the most important thing that I pack are as many boxes of double stuffed oreos that I can fit.  Apparently they don't sell double stuffed oreos in  So I packed some outfits for hiking, the oreos & some easy food for me to eat.

I then stuffed my backpack full of other yummy food that will travel well.  Wendy has 3 different day hikes planned & an overnight stay in a hostel near Banff & Lake Louise so I need nonperishable food to bring with me.  Hopefully I make it through customs with all of it!  I'll eat the banana during my layover in Denver just in case.  I'm also going to throw in some hard boiled eggs & baby carrots before I head to the airport.  Wish me luck!!

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