Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Busy Day

I took the 6am CrossFit class this morning so JD could head to the bay area as soon as possible.  The kiddos and I drove up to Truckee because Peyton had a dentist appointment.  There is a cute little Childrens Museum close to the dentist office so we headed there to play after.

They had a blast at the Kidzone and didn't want to leave but we needed to get back home because I had volunteered to babysit my friend's kids overnight.  I had a fun and exciting evening with 4 kids under 4 all by myself (JD got home late after we were all asleep!).  Actually it went pretty smoothly, the kiddos all get along great and they pretty much just entertained eachother.  I was going to order pizza for dinner but then I felt guilty (and didn't want the temptation).  I rummaged the fridge/freezer since I still hadn't gone shopping since I got back in town!  I made due with what I had and it turned out pretty well.  Hamburger with bacon, olives & hot sauce, roasted sweet potato, steamed broccoli & a mandarin!


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