Sunday, October 7, 2012

Canadian Thanksgiving & Mountain Biking

We  made it back to Wendy's house in Calgary pretty late Saturday night.  My request for Sunday was to not set an alarm & actually try to sleep in one day on my vacation :)  So we stayed in bed until around 9am and then got up and went to breakfast.

Wendy's friend was nice enough to invite us over for Canadian Thanksgiving dinner.  We went to Safeway after breakfast to pick up some ingredients for fudge & also a veggie tray :)  After the fudge was made and setting in the fridge Wendy dressed me up in her biking gear and we headed out for a little ride.  It was a fun trail with pretty views of the city & mountains in the distance.  Perhaps I'll have to actually try mountain biking in Tahoe when I get back...

Thanksgiving dinner was absolutely delicious.  Its always a strange thing to go to a new place on a holiday (especially if you don't know anyone!) but everyone was really nice and the food was actually good!  The host is gluten free so there were a lot of paleo options, score!  Turkey, rosted root veggies, brussel sprouts & spaghetti squash.


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