Friday, October 5, 2012

Canada Vacation Day 1

Sorry I've been slacking on the blog but I was gone for almost a week in Alberta, Canada visiting my good college friend Wendy.  That is a picture of us at one of the many gorgeous turquoise lakes in Banff, Peyto Lake.  On the way to the airport on Thursday we stopped at Costco to grab some food and supplies.

My trip got off to a less than ideal start as I found out my flight was cancelled when I arrived at the airport Thursday late morning. The first flight they could get me on was Friday at 5:40am so I ended up staying in a comped room at the Peppermill so that JD & the kiddos wouldn't have to get up at 2 am to take me to the airport. I was not prepared for an afternoon of 80 degree weather so I walked to a store, purchased a swim suit and some flip flops and soaked up some sun at the hotel pool.

I discovered that the ice bucket in the room worked well as a make shift cooler for the rest of my chicken and the hardboiled eggs and carrots I had planned to bring on the plane.

I was up at 3:30 am on Friday morning to catch the first shuttle to the aiport.  I ate a couple of hardboiled eggs and a banana in the airport.  I also enjoyed a side of bacon during my layover in San Francisco :)
Wendy picked me up from the airport in Calgary & we headed straight to Moraine Lake to do some hiking with what was left of the day.  We stopped at the little shopping center in Lake Louise to change our clothes and grab lunch.  I picked up some turkey breast, avocado & tomatoes...I made little turkey roll ups with avocado and tomatoes inside. (all with a plastic knife on my lap while riding in the car).

We had planned to hike the Tower of Babel but missed the turn and ended up at the Consolation Lakes (ironic, eh?)  Still pretty views and turquoise lakes. 

The sun was starting to set so we hiked back to Moraine Lake for some pictures and then headed to our hostel for the night.

I had Wendy pack me a veggie mix to add to some premade curry & tuna I brought for dinner.  I didn't have anything confiscated at airport security even though half of my bag was full of food.  They definitely looked at me funny though...something about the combination of Oreos and

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