Saturday, October 6, 2012

Canada Day 2

We woke up & had a quick breakfast at the hostel.  I already ate all 6 of the hardboiled eggs I had brought with me from home but luckily Wendy brought me a couple more :)  I mashed 2 hard boiled eggs up with a tiny avocado.  Pretty delicious actually!  I think I also had a banana before we actually started hiking as well.

We drove to Peyto Lake first because Wendy said it was pretty....I think she was right.  We did have to do a short 10 minute hike up from the parking lot to the look out point. 

Then we stopped at Bow Lake for more pictures.

Then we made it to the trail head for our actual day hike.  The plan was to hike to Helen Lake and then on to Cirque Peak.  I only have the camera on my phone for pictures but Wendy posted a whole album on facebook documenting our weekend so you should really check that out.  We ended up hiking a little over 10 miles total even though I chickened out before we made it all the way to the peak.  The trail wasn't very well marked after Helen Lake so we ended up on the side of a mountain walking sideways on a snowy slick trail with falling rocks.  I thought I was prepared for hiking since I CrossFit but I didn't really take into account the danger/fear of falling factor.   The views were still amazing and at least Wendy's friend, that we were hiking with, was on the same page as I was and ready to stop.

I forgot to mention that we stopped at Helen Lake and ate lunch on our way up.  Wendy cooked up a bunch of steak for us so I ate that and a larabar :)  On our way back to Wendy's house in Calgary we stopped at Lake Louise (we had stopped in the town yesterday but didn't go to the actual lake).  The sun had already set but it was still pretty :)

The we stopped in the town of Banff for some shopping and dinner.

These were the meals Wendy & I ordered....

But then I gave Wendy my bun & she gave me all her toppings :)  We are a good pair!  The sweet potato fries were delicious so I will just pretend they were cooked in an acceptable Paleo oil ;)


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