Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Back to the US

I was sad to say goodbye to Wendy & leave the beautiful place she calls home but I was definitely ready to get back to JD and the kiddos!  My travel back to the US was much less eventful (no cancelled flights or even delays).  I skipped breakfast but had a steak taco salad in Denver during my short layover.

I went straight to the gym when I got back into town.  I had to do the 2nd performance WOD for the Lurong Paleo Challenge.  The object was to do as many pull ups as you can in 8 minutes.  You also had a maximum of 6 attempts during that time (each time you drop off the bar counts as one attempt.)  My goal was 50 and I actually did a little better than that with 62 :)  Then I left the gym & picked up my kiddos from preschool!  It was so good to see them :)  When we got back home the fridge was pretty bare but I did find some leftover pasta sauce with ground turkey that I poured over leftover steamed veggies.

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