Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weekend Report

So I did it!  I actually made it through the 12 miles up and down hills and 20 obstacles including electric shocks, ice baths, monkey bars, a quarter pipe, tunnels half full of muddy water, crawling under barbed wire....etc.  It was a lot of fun, we had a great group of people that I couldn't have done it with out :)  I actually think I might want to do it again next year if anyone is interested let me know!  

Needless to say I wasn't completely paleo yesterday but I'm back on track today.  I'll log my cheats and move on.  I started off the day with my new favorite espresso drink with coconut water & coconut milk, plus a couple pieces of bacon.  Lunch was chicken breast cooked on a grill pan inside because it was too windy to use the bbq.  Some leftover brussels sprouts with balsamic vinegar & a green salad.

I went to a friends birthday party tonight for dinner but she was nice enough to tell all her guests to try and bring a paleo side dish for those of us doing the challenge (even though she isn't doing this challenge herself). I didn't take a picture of my plate but I had some shrimp cocktail (minus the sauce because it has sugar), prosciutto wrapped asparagus,  Purple Cabbage Slaw, green salad, fennel & onion salad, chicken & flank steak.  Lots of yummy food!  I ran away when she busted out the 3 ice cream

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