Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hump Day & Cooking Day :)

I started off the day with a homemade chai tea latte.  I made a cup of organic chai tea from a tea bag & then added a shot of espresso, some cinnamon, nutmeg and a splash of coconut milk.  Yum!  I worked out at 9:30 am so I waited until after that to eat.  I made a bunch of Chorizo Mini Meatloaves except I added a cup of shredded sweet potato to the onion and garlic and sauteed it for 5-8 minutes before adding it to the meat mixture.  I ate a few of those and some steamed broccoli for lunch.

First thing this morning I prepped dinner and threw it in the crockpot so it cooked for almost 10 hours before we ate it tonight :)  I took a chuck roast and rubbed it with salt, pepper, onion powder & garlic powder then seared it on all sides in coconut oil.  I sliced an onion, some celery & dumped those in the bottom of the crockpot along with a bag of baby carrots.  I seasoned those with the same spices I put on the meat.  Then I put the meat on top of the veggies & added some vegetable stock & red wine to the crockpot.  Put the lid on and let it go on low all day.  My house smelled amazing :)  It tasted pretty good too!

I also took some free time I had while the kids were at preschool to make up a Southwestern Frittata that I can reheat for breakfast the next few days :)  I actually cooked up a bunch of ground turkey with mexican seasonings and then used half for the frittata and saved half to make a taco salad or lettuce wrapped tacos later in the week.  My fridge is so stocked full of prepped food and leftovers I am going to have a hard time deciding what to eat the next few days! 

Tomorrow I'm doing the 2nd Benchmark workout for the challenge.  It consists of 3 rounds of a 500 meter Row, 12 Bodyweight Deadlifts, 21 Box Jumps at 20”.  Its not going to be easy because box jumps are not my favorite thing and I weigh a lot so the deadlifts will be pretty tough!  Hopefully when we do it again at the end of the challenge the deadlifts will be lighter and the workout will be easier :)

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