Friday, November 27, 2009

helmet, check. when do the braces start?

Peyton (she gets to be first since she came first) and Lucas turned 9 months old this week! We had a checkup today and everything looks great. Now I can officially say "they grow up so fast!" Check out one of our first photos when we got home...

Peyton was 15 lb 12.2 oz (5th percentile) and 2' 3.7" tall (55th percentile) today. Tall and skinny! I think it's all the aerobic activity. She is crawling around pretty well, ok, a little too well. We took this a couple weeks ago. She's improved...

It also looks like she is done wearing her helmet. Last night Erika was cleaning the helmet and noticed some metal from the strap rivet had started to wear through the padding. Peyton's head grew so much they had to carve out the foam to the bare metal! But up until now the helmet worked great. We're both happy with the results so far. Though, if they can fix it so she can wear it a few more weeks we'll probably do that. Gotta get our money's worth!

Lucas still hasn't quite got the crawling thing down, but he looks good trying. He usually travels in reverse and ends up backed into a corner somewhere wondering (quietly, of course) how he got there. He's not as skinny as his sister and weighed in at 18lb 3.8oz (14th percentile). He was 2' 4.5" tall. Oh, slightly off topic, he loves Spicy Thai Kettle chips! Mmmmm, yummy.

So Lucas now has .75 inches and 2.5 pounds on his sister. But she can still take him in a no holds barred brawl. She just has to aim for the pacifier. Grab it and he taps (screams) out every time.

Ron (Papi) and Kathy (Mimi) have been here twice since our last post. I think they must like my cooking or something.

Ok, maybe not.

I think Papi comes for our soft grass in the park and padded play mat. Auntie Amanda came to visit too. She likes to play dress-up.

My parents (Grandpa John and Grandma Wanda) were here this week too but somehow escaped without being caught on film, errr, memory card. Hmmm, how convenient!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Professional Photos!

Mimi & Papi came into town for a quick visit this weekend because they were having grandbaby withdrawls! Mimi insisted on taking the kiddos to the mall today to have a professional photo session done. Here are a few of the pictures: