Saturday, August 8, 2009

busy busy busy :)

Well the first week of solid foods went pretty well. We started with oatmeal and then tried some avocado. Peyton & Lucas both gained a 1/2 pound in a week! I guess the avocado fattened them up a This week we tried some butternut squash and that was a hit as well but it seems to have "stopped them up" a bit...hopefully their system will get used to it and recover soon!

On a not so happy note, it seems that Lucas is a little under the weather :( He started getting a stuffy nose a few days ago and now he has a pretty bad cough. He has a little bit of a fever but the nurse said as long as he doesn't get any worse I shouldn't worry about it too much. At least he doesn't seem bothered by it other than maybe being a little more sleepy than normal.

Last week Gma Wanda & Allie came to visit for a few days. Then my mom, sister & her boyfriend were here for a night. Then last weekend we had an eventful trip to Sacramento. 1st our good friends Chris & Kristi had their baby boy. He was born on Thursday morning at a whopping 10 3/4 lbs!! He was almost as big as Peyton & Lucas combined when they were born. He is quite the cutie too :) I picked up their doggy Ace and he stayed with us at my parents house for the weekend while they were in the hospital. Then on Friday I met up with some other mom's and kiddos at the park. Alyssa came along to help me out which worked out great for me but I think we may have scared her into not having babies for a Then on Saturday, my good friend Crystal's son had his 1st birthday party! My aunt & uncle were in town from Bakersfield for the weekend so we got to spend some time with them as well.

Now we are back home and JD's cousin Tyler from Oregon has been visiting the past few days along with his roommate Rachel. Today Rick & Rhonda & their kiddos are coming for lunch and then Ab & Vron will be staying with us to help out for a week again :) I will put them on picture duty so hopefully I can post another blog soon...but I will stop boring you now with my blabbering and give you some pictures from the past couple weeks!

Gma Wanda & Cousin Allie feeding P&L some oatmeal.

Bradyn Maverick Smith (or Smump)

Bradyn & his future MIL

My friend Cami's son Talon

Cami & sleeping Lucas

Ace & Peyton

Alyssa & Peyton...Cami posing in the background with Talon

Lucas & Peyton thought it was the 4th of July again

She had to wear the outfit at least once since she didn't wear it on the 4th

Lucas likes the 4th of July

mmm squash!

mmm avocado

Tyler with Lucas & Peyton