Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

My parents came to visit for the weekend plus Amanda & her "special friend" Chris came to visit for the day yesterday to celebrate Mother's Day.  Instead of fighting the brunch rush today we decided to make our own.  We had an extensive omlette bar, yummy potatoes, sausage, bacon & waffles w/fresh strawberries courtesy of JD & my dad.  We ended up too full and decided to hold off on the waffles until later this afternoon.  Here are a few more pictures & a video of Lucas showing us he can roll over now!


Thursday, May 7, 2009

2 Month Appt. (a little late)

So the kiddos finally had their 2 month appt. today. I had to reschedule once and then the dr. was out of the office for the 2nd attempt. So today they finally made it in. They are both doing great. Lucas was 10 lbs 8.8 oz & 22.5" long. He has more than doubled his birth weight already. Peyton was 9 lbs 7.2 oz & 22.25" long. We noticed that the scale in the dr.'s office was quite a bit lighter than the scale they were getting weighed on each week at the Kaiser new baby club. So Gma snuck a peek at Lucas's weight on that scale and he weighed over 11 lbs.

They had to get some shots today. An oral vaccine and then 1 shot in their left leg and 2 in their right. They only cried a little bit and then have been super sleey all day. Maybe that means a good night sleep for mom (although I'm posting a blog instead of sleeping right now...).

Here are a few recent pictures!