Wednesday, April 8, 2009



  1. Very cute pictures of Peyton and Lucas with their BIG cousins! It looks like they are enjoying their week helping mommy and daddy!:)
    I knew Lucas would catch up to Peyton in size and now I am sure he will leave her in the dust!lol We feel very blessed to have such healthy, happy grandbabies who are blessed to have awesome parents! There is a lot of sacrifice in the early days but sooo worth it in the later rewards! Hugs and Kisses, MIMI

  2. Lucas is quite the little charmer already, isn't he?!

  3. Yea! More Photos! So fun for Veron and Abbey to stay with Uncle JD and Aunt Erika and help with Cousins Peyton and Lucas!
    Enjoy those precious little ones! :) :)
    Love and Prayers, Gma Wanda xo xo

  4. I keep checking and hoping to see new pictures! You have some good ones from Easter of the four of you and I am sure you took more this week. Please share... Mimi is going through grandbaby withdrawls!! :)