Friday, April 24, 2009

Hanging out with dad at work

JD started a tradition at work last month.  Every Friday they BBQ lunch at the office :). They had to do some updates on their servers last night so he was working (at home) from midnight till 5 am.  So today he just came into work to eat lunch and we decided to tag along!


  1. Yea! A new update! What did you BBQ this week? How nice the twins appear to be relaxed and sleeping! Hope the twins mom and dad get some sleep in tonight! Love, Gma Wanda xo xo

  2. MMMM, JD started young, but I don't recall it being this young. No baby rattles for those kids, just game controllers, heh? :)
    Of course, they are the best looking team around!
    Great to see the pics.
    GPa John

  3. Mimi is happy to see something was posted after such a loooonnnggg stretch of nothing. This just makes me want to see more.... lol Give Peyton and Lucas BIG hugs from me. Can't wait to do it again myself in another couple of weeks! Love to you all!! :)

  4. I love that Peyton and Lucas are on the monitor!! Daddy cant get enough of 'em!