Sunday, April 26, 2009

Easter 2009

This easter we headed over to Sacramento (a 2.5 - 3 hour drive). It was our first trip with the kids, and it went pretty well. Amanda came to visit the night before and was our car nanny, serving up pacifiers and bottles as needed. Here are a bunch of pictures of the event.

Aunt Trish feeding Lucas
Baby burrito Lucas
Gma & Gpa with Abbey, Lucas & Peyton
Peyton getting a bath before church
Uncle Matt & Aunt Trish w/Lucas & Peyton
Aunt Sue, Great Gma & Gma w/Lucas & Peyton
Family Easter photo w/baskets Gma made
Family photo w/Gma, Gpa & Aunt Amanda
Gma, Great Gma, Erika & Aunt Amanda w/Lucas & Peyton
Cousin Stacey w/Peyton & Future Cousin Lee w/Lucas
Uncle Tom w/Lucas
Lee & Lucas
Stacey & Peyton
John & Alyssa w/Lucas & Peyton
Cousins Blake, Luke & Lindsay
Amanda & Gpa
Cousins Blake & Kaylee
Cousin Clayton hanging out with Abbey
Peyton & Lucas sporting their bibs made by cousin Carolyn (but they are on the wrong sides!)
Rachel w/Lucas
Kara & Crystal w/Lucas & Peyton
Chris holding a baby for the 1st time! (Getting practice for his own coming in July!)
Cousin Megan & Lucas

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  1. Yaah for getting some of the 1st Easter pics posted. Lots of cute photo's of family and friends with Lucas and Peyton. They did so well for their first weekend away. Even with our crazy, crowded house! :)