Tuesday, April 7, 2009

6 weeks old!

I can't believe the kiddos are 6 weeks old already! I seem to suck at remembering to take pictures though. Whenever I get a spare moment to think about posting a blog they are napping so I don't know how many sleeping pictures you would enjoy..lol I did take a couple this weekend and a picture this morning of them wearing the same outfits they wore home from the hospital so you can see how much they have grown! I will tell Abbey & Vron it is their job to make sure we take more pictures this week while they are here helping out. Oh and at the dr. today Lucas was over 8 lbs and only 2 ounces smaller than his sister. I knew he would catch up! I swear he eats twice as much as she does!

Erin & Lucas

Elizabeth & Lucas

Peyton at this very moment because she felt left out of the 1st 2 pictures

On the way home from the hospital

On the way to the dr. today (5 1/2 weeks later!)


  1. Yes, they will grow and change so much this first year! I enjoy seeing all kinds of photos! Thanks! Gma Wanda xo xo xo xo

  2. Looking at the pictures of them in the carseats really shows their growth! The first picture they were swimming in the bear suits and you couldn't even see their little hands. Now they have filled them out completely and their heads are even filling out the hoodies! They are such beautiful babies, if I do say so myself!! hehe Can't wait to spend time with all of you this weekend and get some extra cuddle time! Love You, Mimi

  3. Wow! Amazing what a great gene pool can do. They look terrific. Thanks Erika and JD for being such good parents. Love, GPa John

  4. HI Erika & JD,

    Sara gave me the link to your blog. I told her if you'd like some free newborn photos taken I would love to do it! I am taking a photography class and am so excited at the chance to photograph the twins. They are both so beautiful. Check out the photos on my blog. I don't have a ton of newborns yet but I have a session this weekend. I will post the photos once I get them all done. Let me know what dates work best for you guys.


  5. Oh, wow, they are SO much bigger! WTG, mom and dad! ♥