Friday, March 27, 2009

Mommy's 1st week alone

So this week flew by!! My mom left on Friday so once JD went to work on Monday I was left to take care of the kiddos all by myself! It was a little scary but I think it went pretty well :) I managed to get out and take a walk for a while every afternoon. We even went to meet daddy for lunch everyday except for today. I shopped a little downtown during my walk instead :)

Not much to report here other than the fact that both kiddos have become nursing pros! Daddy still gives them a bottle for one early morning feeding so I can get some sleep but other than that they are all boob. lol Peyton had a dr. appt. today because her stubborn umbilical cord is still holding on. The dr. put a little silver nitrate on it so it should fall off in the next few days. She weighed in at 7 lbs. 11 oz. which means she gained over an ounce a day since her last appt. so she is doing great!

Uh oh! I hear Peyton waking up so I guess I'll leave you with some pictures...


  1. great job this week mommy! :) i'm very impressed.

  2. I knew you would do well because you are an awesome mommy! :) Boy, they have definitely grown this past week. Mommy's milk is the best. It is wonderful they are now both officially boob babies and you have figured out how to do it in tandem. All of your loving care and patience has been rewarded! God is good...

  3. Hi, Sounds like you had a good week, Erika. Thanks for the report! Cute photos!
    Love and Prayers, Gma Wanda xo xo

  4. Erika is Super Mom now!
    Thanks for taking such good care of those jewels.
    JD gets kudos too!
    GPa John loves you all.