Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy (adjusted) Birthday Peyton and Lucas

Today is the day. Yes, it is. The day the kids were due! It's hard to imagine not having them here for the last 3 weeks and 6 days. They're officially 0 days old according to their preemie adjusted age. We celebrated by taking a family self portrait. We're high class.

Our friend Annie came to visit today and of course we made her take some photos with the kids. It sure is hard work getting people to hold the babies. Hah!

Hungry Peyton

Naked Lucas

All this excitement tired out poor Tiger. She found a cozy place to take a nap.

Of course the kids were stoked and just begged for some tummy time on their cute floor mat.

And I snuck in a picture of Erika being the wonderful mommy she is. She doesn't allow many of these to hit the light of day so count yourselves lucky! ;)

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  1. Happy 1 month old (or 1 day) Peyton & Lucas! What wonderful parents you have!
    We Love You All... Gma Wanda & Gpa John