Sunday, March 1, 2009

First Visitors!

Peyton & Lucas had their first visitors yesterday since we got home from the hospital.  Gma Wanda, Aunt Ranell, Uncle Sean, Cousins Jordan & Brianna all headed down from Redding & Cousin Megan & her boyfriend Josh came over from Sacramento.  They arrived right at the beginning of a feeding time & left at the beginning of one as that means they were here for 3 hours :)  We had lots of volunteers to help burp & soothe the babies.  Ranell & Sean headed to the grocery store and proceeded to cook up a bunch of yummy food for us.  They made lasagna, enchiladas & breakfast burritos.  They also cleaned out our fridge & did the dishes.  Megan & Josh helped with some laundry (they even folded it!)  Megan also cut some bangs for me while she was here. I was her first live hair cut! We are so greatful to have such an amazing family.  Thank you all so much!!  Here are a few pictures from the day thanks to Gma Wanda.

Ranell, Lucas & Jordan

Baby Lucas being cuddled

Sean & Ranell busy in the kitchen

Baby Peyton stretching out

Megan, Peyton & Josh

Jordan & Peyton

Brianna & Lucas

Gma Wanda w/Lucas & Peyton

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  1. that is so great that you had such thoughtful people to help you in such practical ways.. i loved when my mom would cook and clean for me! where do you live now? people visited from sac?