Sunday, March 15, 2009

Feeding Calculations

Yeah, I'm a big geek. I couldn't handle looking at a piece of paper and doing math every time I wanted to find out how milk much our kids are supposed to be eating each day. So, I whipped up this spreadsheet where you can see a chart or play with some numbers. We're thinking about taking out one of the night feedings soon and this lets us know with confidence how much food they need to get in all the other feedings.

Just follow the link:


  1. okay wow, i'm impressed! i never made an excel spreadsheet about my kids eating.

    From my experience they will start to eat more oz per feeding pretty quickly here. I think the avg. is like 3-4 oz for now and that will go up as time goes on, so you should def. be able to spread things out so you can get more zzzzzzzzz at night!!!! do they wake to eat or do you wake them? My motto has always been...dont wake a sleeping baby, they'll wake up when they're hungry (or in Aidan's case....when he poops himself awake! LOL!)

    Glad things are going well!

  2. Wow! You're going to surpass me as the super-schedule mom ... I think it's great and I'm glad it is working for you. We found it brought order and peace to our family life. Everybody getting enough sleep and knowing what to expect helps a lot.

  3. oops!! I said "mom" and it was JD who posted :> ...ummm...make that "dad"

  4. Wow, that is pretty geeky! :) But I think you guys are doing yourselves a HUGE favor with two to be so structured and routine, it will help those kiddos sleep more at night faster, and regular naps when they're older are a lifesaver!! Keeping the Conley Chaos to a minimum. Just remember with kids, you'll always need a little flexibility... unfortunately they'll force you to break routine every once in a while. ;)
    Love the previous post and hearing Kathy's voice in the background. What a proud grandma!! And Kathy loud? No way!