Friday, March 6, 2009

Day of Visitors!

Today was the day of visitors.  Kara arrived last night and is hanging out for the day.  My sister Amanda came in this morning (she is staying for the weekend).  Sarah stopped by for a bit early this afternoon.  Then JD's Sister Rhonda & her family all came later in the afternoon.  It was a full house!  Here are some pictures :)

Lucas Snuggling w/Peyton



Kara w/Lucas & Peyton

Sarah & Peyton

Amanda feeding Peyton

Cousin Abbey & Lucas

Aunt Rhonda & Uncle Rick w/Lucas

Cousins Veronica & Drew w/Peyton

Great Gma Friesen w/Peyton & Lucas

Cousins Abbey & Allie w/Lucas


  1. Payton is drinking out of a bottle? That's exciting, although I kind of liked the tube feeding ritual!!

  2. Lots of visitors today!
    Thanks for the photos!
    Love, Gma Wanda xo xo

  3. We really enjoyed our visit and the chance to hold your beautiful miniature babies.
    Rhonda & Family