Friday, March 13, 2009

Alyssa visits and grandma makes funny noises in a video

It's been a while since Erika or I have posted. I guess this has been a pretty uneventful week, though it was my first week back to work. It seems very strange not to be home and around Erika and the kids 24 hrs/day.

The kids are doing great. They're both eating a ton, gaining weight, and soiling a lot of diapers. We're still supplementing with a bottle every feeding, but they're starting to latch on better and actually get some food straight from mommy! That'll make feeding time a lot more convenient when they get the hang of it.

We had our first pediatrician appointment on Monday and it was pretty uneventful (a good thing), except it was really cold in the exam room and the kids didn't like that much. The doctor was randomly assigned to us – none of the ones we were referred to were accepting patients. He was pretty cool though. I think we'll stick with him for a bit.

Alyssa came to visit today. I met her, Erika, Kathy, and the kids at a Mexican place for lunch. It was the first time we took them out to eat! They did pretty well until the end when Peyton woke up from a nap and got a bit upset with the loud restaurant. Good thing we were on the way out and didn't have to be too uncomfortable with screaming babies hanging out in the restaurant. :)

Erika took a video today while Alyssa was visiting and the kids were hanging out on our bed. Check it out:

And, of course they took a bunch of photos:


  1. Wow! The kids look terrific. Glad to hear they now have a Doc of their own. Looks like their Mom and Dad are doing a great job.
    Thanks GMa Kathy and Amanda for being "front line" for a while.
    GMa Wanda and I are so eager to see all of you and hold those two beautiful gifts from God again!
    Dad C

  2. They are looking great! And, Erika, I like your bangs! :)

  3. I am loving every moment being with these grandbabies and count it a priviledge to take part in this next chapter for all of our lives. They are amazingly alert for being so young. When you talk to them they look right at you and Peyton has, believe it or not, given me several very direct smiles when I am talking sweetly to her while looking right at me. They really don't act like newborns, let alone preterm! God has truly blessed all of our lives with these amazing little miracles! :)