Saturday, February 28, 2009

Randomness of the day

We took the kids in for another checkup today. Poor Lucas is still getting more jaundiced but is gaining weight and is well hydrated. So, they think he might have something called breast milk jaundice on top of the normal physiological jaundice that a majority of babies have. So, we have been instructed to give him formula for 2 of his 8+ feedings today and we have another appointment tomorrow to see how things are going for him. If the jaundice gets much worse we'll end up doing UV treatment for him either in the hospital or at home. No big deal, just kind of a pain in the butt. :)

I've got some more photos to satisfy your cravings!


  1. Grandma is so sorry to hear Lucas's count is still rising! Big prayers going out that tomorrow the levels will be down!

  2. aidan was very jaundiced at a baby and had to be hospitalized, so if you can avoid that by getting a take home bili blanket that would be soo much easier on you guys! did they suggest getting him some sunlight?

  3. Those kids are great. They could not do be better looking and with great parents like JD and Erika they are certainly living a life of love and care. Prayers for you all from here!