Thursday, February 26, 2009

Day: Umm, I forget but the nurse says it's Thursday

So, I left off a couple days ago (I think) talking about supplementing Lucas with formula. We ended up having to do that 4 times total before enough of Erika's milk came in to pump. But now, we can feed both babies with the finger and feeding tube syringe contraption using breast milk, even though they haven't quite got the hang of breast feeding yet.

But wow, what a rough couple of days. The first night we both got a couple hours sleep some time around 9am and the babies were still really sleepy. The second night was really rough. I didn't sleep at all. Erika got in a few hours between feedings. She sure gets to sleep a lot better than I do!

24 hours later...

Ok, I'm finishing this. It's now Friday, and we're home! We were discharged Thursday afternoon. I didn't quite get enough time to click "POST" yesterday. :) And for all of you complainers out there (you know who you are), I've uploaded some photos. You can get to them by clicking on this link:

At the Hospital


  1. love the pics in the car seats! So cute!

    great feeding stories...always an adjustment...

  2. I am very proud to have a son-in-law who is such an awesome hands-on father! You both are doing great and soon only Erika's breasts will be needed for nursing without the additional time to supplement after..:)