Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Day 2 Begins

Well, we survived the first 27 hours! :) Apparently Peyton had been stealing all the food the last few weeks in the womb. Poor Lucas had to have his heel pricked (more like sliced) a bunch of times to test his blood glucose level since it was running low. Poor little guy! We're determined to do breast feeding, but because he was just barely over 5 lb we had to do some formula supplementing for two meals so far. But, with those two meals his glucose levels went up and he doesn't have to have his little feet pricked any more!

The way the lactation consultant had us supplement was really interesting. They had me use a syringe with a premature baby feeding tube attached to it (don't worry, it didn't involve stuffing said tube down the baby's throat). I'll have to get a picture of it online soon. They taped the end of the tube to my finger and used my finger to stimulate the sucking reflex in the back of the baby's mouth. Then, as he was sucking, I slowly injected the formula. Interesting stuff. It lets you control the flow to simulate the amount of work they do on the breast and train them to suck hard, but also makes sure they get the food they need.

Obviously this wouldn't be a long term method of feeding, but I thought it was pretty cool for this early stage supplementing.

Apparently daddies are really good at doing this. Ok, I have a quick aside. I'm onto you people! Saying daddy is really good at something just means it's an excuse to make daddy do more work. Sheesh, isn't mommy supposed to do everything? :)

And, holy cow, thanks for all the support and congratulations. Both of our phones, Facebooks, and emails have been blowing up.


  1. We must see pictures... I can only imagine how this works and my imagination isn't very good. Let me know if you guys need anything!

  2. Oh and Erika... you were supposed to go to karaoke tonight with me :-) I vaguely remember this discussion... now you have back up singers!

  3. i HATED the feet pricking, i was so emo already that it made me cry as well as Arwyn... Way to go on the breast feeding, i never thought that i could hang with it of i had two at once! JD sounds like an awesome Husband:)