Wednesday, February 4, 2009

9.5 lbs of babies!

I had another ultrasound today.  Everyone is looking good. Peyton weighed in at 4lbs 12oz and Lucas was right behind her at 4lb 11oz.  They are both still in the same position with their heads up and butt down.  The ultrasound tech said they are in the 50% bracket for weight at their age for a normal single pregnancy so that is really good for twins!  I had an NST after the ultrasound and they cooperated with the monitors this time but they must have both been sleeping because they weren't moving much.  They were wiggling around during the ultrasound which must have tired them out so they decided to take a nap.  I drank some ice water and that woke them up and got them moving again.   Their heartrates were good so it was all in all a great appointment :)  If everything continues to go well, I am scheduled for my c-section exactly 4 weeks from today!

Baby Peyton's Face

Baby Lucas's Face

Peyton (right) trying to kiss Lucas (Top of head view)


  1. i cant wait to meet them! you better deliver in's much more convenient for me! lol!