Monday, February 23, 2009

0 Days!!!

I know the last post said 13 days, but, well, apparently the kids want out earlier. I was on my way to work this morning and Erika called to calmly say: "My water broke. You might want to come home."

Yeah, I came home.

Apparently today was the day to have babies. When we got to the hospital they told us we got the last bed and there were two people having C-sections at once keeping all the doctors busy. They hooked up all the monitors and everything looked normal -- other than Erika's (ab)normal high/average blood pressure. It took a good couple of hours to finally see a doctor. But, we finally did and we have a verdict. Both babies are still breech and it seems very likely they're going to be scheduling a C-section for today.

So we're here, in the hospital, hanging out, awaiting our fate. Yeah, we both brought our laptops and the hospital has free wifi, so we're good to go! We might as well be hanging out at home -- except this chair sucks, and so does the bed I hear.

Here are some photos of the excitement in our room.

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