Saturday, February 28, 2009

Randomness of the day

We took the kids in for another checkup today. Poor Lucas is still getting more jaundiced but is gaining weight and is well hydrated. So, they think he might have something called breast milk jaundice on top of the normal physiological jaundice that a majority of babies have. So, we have been instructed to give him formula for 2 of his 8+ feedings today and we have another appointment tomorrow to see how things are going for him. If the jaundice gets much worse we'll end up doing UV treatment for him either in the hospital or at home. No big deal, just kind of a pain in the butt. :)

I've got some more photos to satisfy your cravings!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Napping babies

I recently put Erika and the kids down for a nap. I took some pics (of the kids -- Erika would kill me). Of course, a few minutes later poor Lucas had a wet diaper and woke up wailing. Circumcision is not for the weak.

Thanks people from work

I have an addendum to my last post. Apparently it wasn't our neighbors who delivered the goodness. It was a few people from work. :) Thanks!

Thanks neighbors

I'm not sure how many of you know, but we have some friendly neighbors with 1 yr old twin boys. A few minutes ago Erika and I had our hands full and there was a knock at the door. We decided not to answer but when we were done I took a look. Someone (we're betting it was our neighbors) left us a take n bake pizza, some bottled water, a soda, a beer, and a chocolate bar on our front porch. :) Thanks neighbors!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Day: Umm, I forget but the nurse says it's Thursday

So, I left off a couple days ago (I think) talking about supplementing Lucas with formula. We ended up having to do that 4 times total before enough of Erika's milk came in to pump. But now, we can feed both babies with the finger and feeding tube syringe contraption using breast milk, even though they haven't quite got the hang of breast feeding yet.

But wow, what a rough couple of days. The first night we both got a couple hours sleep some time around 9am and the babies were still really sleepy. The second night was really rough. I didn't sleep at all. Erika got in a few hours between feedings. She sure gets to sleep a lot better than I do!

24 hours later...

Ok, I'm finishing this. It's now Friday, and we're home! We were discharged Thursday afternoon. I didn't quite get enough time to click "POST" yesterday. :) And for all of you complainers out there (you know who you are), I've uploaded some photos. You can get to them by clicking on this link:

At the Hospital

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Day 2 Begins

Well, we survived the first 27 hours! :) Apparently Peyton had been stealing all the food the last few weeks in the womb. Poor Lucas had to have his heel pricked (more like sliced) a bunch of times to test his blood glucose level since it was running low. Poor little guy! We're determined to do breast feeding, but because he was just barely over 5 lb we had to do some formula supplementing for two meals so far. But, with those two meals his glucose levels went up and he doesn't have to have his little feet pricked any more!

The way the lactation consultant had us supplement was really interesting. They had me use a syringe with a premature baby feeding tube attached to it (don't worry, it didn't involve stuffing said tube down the baby's throat). I'll have to get a picture of it online soon. They taped the end of the tube to my finger and used my finger to stimulate the sucking reflex in the back of the baby's mouth. Then, as he was sucking, I slowly injected the formula. Interesting stuff. It lets you control the flow to simulate the amount of work they do on the breast and train them to suck hard, but also makes sure they get the food they need.

Obviously this wouldn't be a long term method of feeding, but I thought it was pretty cool for this early stage supplementing.

Apparently daddies are really good at doing this. Ok, I have a quick aside. I'm onto you people! Saying daddy is really good at something just means it's an excuse to make daddy do more work. Sheesh, isn't mommy supposed to do everything? :)

And, holy cow, thanks for all the support and congratulations. Both of our phones, Facebooks, and emails have been blowing up.

Monday, February 23, 2009

We're officially parents

The babies are here! Peyton stuck with it and was Baby A for birth (they pulled her out first). From behind the curtain all I heard was "There's the butt!" "Wow that was fast" and then a cry. Great stuff. :) Both are healthy with all the expected appendages.

Peyton Joy born 5:35pm
6 lb 5 oz

Lucas Benjamin born 5:36pm
5 lb 3 oz

And here are the rest, in chronological order.

0 minutes!!!!!!

Any minute now we're heading to the operating room. We've signed our lives away (they call it consent), and are awaiting the doctors. It's kind of bizarre. We'll have a couple babies soon without the whole labor thing. Weird....

0 Days!!!

I know the last post said 13 days, but, well, apparently the kids want out earlier. I was on my way to work this morning and Erika called to calmly say: "My water broke. You might want to come home."

Yeah, I came home.

Apparently today was the day to have babies. When we got to the hospital they told us we got the last bed and there were two people having C-sections at once keeping all the doctors busy. They hooked up all the monitors and everything looked normal -- other than Erika's (ab)normal high/average blood pressure. It took a good couple of hours to finally see a doctor. But, we finally did and we have a verdict. Both babies are still breech and it seems very likely they're going to be scheduling a C-section for today.

So we're here, in the hospital, hanging out, awaiting our fate. Yeah, we both brought our laptops and the hospital has free wifi, so we're good to go! We might as well be hanging out at home -- except this chair sucks, and so does the bed I hear.

Here are some photos of the excitement in our room.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

13 Days!!

So my c-section date is quickly approaching!  It seemed so far away and now it will be here in less than 2 weeks.  I had a dr. appt. today and everything looked good.  My blood pressure was normal and the babies did great in the NST.  Everyone was telling me how great it was that I've made it this long and am still doing so well :)  I will be 36 weeks on Sunday!  Nothing much to report here other than I think I'm getting bigger everyday.  My seester came for a visit this weekend.  She helped clean up my house and ran some errands with me :)  Then she apparently told my mom that I look twice as big as I did last month!  Thanks seester!  lol  Perhaps I'll take a picture later if I'm feeling brave.  Time to relax and watch some tv.  Oh and I'm having my groceries delivered later from Safeway!  So that will be exciting.  I figured it will be nice to do once the babies are born so I'd get it all set up now. 

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

9.5 lbs of babies!

I had another ultrasound today.  Everyone is looking good. Peyton weighed in at 4lbs 12oz and Lucas was right behind her at 4lb 11oz.  They are both still in the same position with their heads up and butt down.  The ultrasound tech said they are in the 50% bracket for weight at their age for a normal single pregnancy so that is really good for twins!  I had an NST after the ultrasound and they cooperated with the monitors this time but they must have both been sleeping because they weren't moving much.  They were wiggling around during the ultrasound which must have tired them out so they decided to take a nap.  I drank some ice water and that woke them up and got them moving again.   Their heartrates were good so it was all in all a great appointment :)  If everything continues to go well, I am scheduled for my c-section exactly 4 weeks from today!

Baby Peyton's Face

Baby Lucas's Face

Peyton (right) trying to kiss Lucas (Top of head view)