Monday, January 26, 2009

Lunch @ the Kaiser Cafeteria

I have an hour to kill between my dr. Appt and NST so I decided to
check out the cafeteria and found lots of yummy looking food :). My
appt went great! Doc says my cervix is closed and she isn't worried
about me being in pre-term labor anymore. She even said I can go for
little walks again as long as my bp doesn't go up too much! But now
I guess I should actually eat my food instead of looking at it :)


  1. you went from 1.5 to closed? cool!

  2. Yeah I don't really get it..but she's the 2nd dr. in less than a week to tell me that I'm closed so I guess I shouldn't complain! I'll take it :)

  3. Looks like some good healty eating and praise God for good Doctor Appt! :)