Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day of Showers!

What a busy day!!  My mom and sister hosted a shower for mostly family and some friends at my mom's house at noon.  Her famous enchiladas were served as well as a yummy fruit basket cake :)  Thanks so much to everyone who could attend!!  It was great seeing all of you!!  I think we decided there were at least 40 guests there so it was definitely a full house! 

Then at 7 pm, my friends Alyssa & Sarah threw another shower for me.  Boys were invited to that one :)  It was great socializing with friends one last time before the twins arrive!!  We played Guitar Hero & Cranium.  JD & I didn't get back to my parent's house until after 1 am!  It was a long day but but a lot of fun!  

Thanks again!!  We love and appreciate you all!!  Here are a few pictures:

My mom, me & JD's mom

JD & Me (side view!  Yikes!)

Rhonda, JD & Ranell (his sisters)

My seester, me & my mom

Auntie Ranell posing with the letters my sister decorated

Lots of gifts!!

The abc's handmade by Auntie Jan

The twins first teddy bears from Gma Wanda

Alyssa's house all decorated for the shower!

The girls! Rachel, Crystal, me, Robin, Kara, Kristi, Alyssa, Sarah & Cami

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