Friday, January 23, 2009

Another Dr. Appt.

I had to go in before my Dr. Appt. yesterday to have a Non-Stress Test done.  I'm pretty used to them by now since they always do them when I end up in L&D.  The babies heartrates were both good.  Peyton was being a little stinker and kept squirming away from the monitor so it took a longer but she finally decided to cooperate.  Since my blood pressure was a little high last week and I had some protein in my urine from the 24 hour collection, they were worried that I might have Pre-Eclampsia.  But at my appt.  the doctor told me she doesn't really think I have it, I am just borderline from my test results so she wants to monitor me closely just in case.  I had to take a blood pressure machine home with me and test it twice a day plus I have to test my pee for protein.  Fun stuff!!  The good news is my bp has been totally normal the past few days so I think I just get stressed out when I'm at the dr.'s office!!

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